How to avoid common VoIP problems

With its ability to eliminate the expense of a traditional phone line and slash costs, it’s no wonder that companies jump on the VoIP bandwagon without giving it much thought. However, transitioning without a plan can cause a range of issues that many business owners never expected. Here are a few to be aware of. […]

Top YouTube marketing tips

If you’re not considering YouTube for your business’s marketing strategy, you’re truly missing out on one of the most powerful marketing platforms out there. YouTube gives you the opportunity to establish your business’s unique brand and personality through video. If you’re just starting out on YouTube marketing and don’t have a specific strategy in mind, […]

What’s the difference between FXS and FXO?

It’s easy to get lost in the confusion of FXS and FXO, especially if you’re a complete novice in matters of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). These terms are often used in the telecom world, and understanding their difference is the first step in choosing the right VoIP system that best suits your needs. Here’s […]

How your boring brand can win on social media

You may think social media is designed for exciting brands like Google or MTV. And who could blame you, as these brands both have millions of followers. Because of this, you may think there’s no place for your boring brand on social media, right? Think again. Here is one brand that’s making some noise in […]

Plug me in James… I need POWER!

However, the weather may have a different story in mind for you...

So now may be a good time to talk about power and what it could do to your computer in the event you have a power failure.  And for those of you who think you have all your bases covered because you have a battery backup device or a gold plated surge protector that everything is plugged into, guess again.

Help us… Help you!

One of the most frustrating things a user can experience is an issue that they have at some point during their workday and not have it happen or be able to reproduce it at will when RTS is there to fix the issue.  You may have heard this statement from more than one person:  "We can't fix it if we don't know what's broken".

Trust us, it happens all too often.

Identifying the Scam…

It happens every day.  Over 250,000 people within the confines of the U.S. will be subject of some type of scam that is either an indirect or direct scam.  Let's identify which is which.
The Indirect SCAM
Also called "phishing" scams, these are normally e-mails and web based inquiries to spend your hard earned money on things that do nothing for you or your computer and make those who gain your trust rich.