PC Repair & Laptop Repair

Optimize your computer’s performance

Does your computer run slowly, take forever to start up or have a sluggish Internet connection? Do you need the help of a professional to get your software, hardware or new computer up and running? RTS IT, Inc. can help, with PC and Laptop Repair services available to residential customers like you.

By addressing the issues with your PC or laptop, we can take actions as minor as adjusting your settings and preferences, or use more involved techniques including necessary maintenance or installing, uninstalling, and reinstalling software.

Whether you need help with your home office or the family computer, we can expedite the process and ensure all your equipment is performing at its best, without losing important data.

Residential PC and Laptop Repair services from RTS IT, Inc. include:

  • Computer diagnostics and repair estimates - our technicians test your PC or laptop to see what’s causing problems and provide the best solution to fix it
  • Computer diagnostics with repair - we’ll find out what’s causing your computer problems and solve them for better performance
  • System performance tune-up - optimize your computer performance with security, updates and a cleaning
  • Hardware installations - have a technician install your graphic card, sound card, hard drive, power supply, DVD Drive and memory upgrades
  • Peripheral installations - we’ll install software, hardware, USB or Firewire, printers, copiers, scanners, digital cameras, mobile phones, webcams and gaming devices
  • Computer cleaning service - our experts will clean all dust and debris from inside your computer case, fans and drives for optimal performance
  • New computer setup- our technicians will set up your new computer, webcam, Internet, printer, and transfer all of your data, pictures, and programs for you

Get the most out of your computer.

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