System Upgrades

Don’t waste money buying a brand new computer

If your home computer isn’t running the way it used to or simply can’t keep up with changing technology, a system upgrade from RTS IT, Inc. is the affordable answer you’ve been looking for. We can change out and add components to your PC or laptop for greater efficiency, enhanced capabilities and optimal performance.

With the help of the experts at RTS IT, Inc., you can save time and money by upgrading your home computer - instead of buying a new one.

System Upgrade services from RTS IT, Inc. include:

  • Hard drive upgrades - boost performance and add space for more programs, audio and video
  • Memory (RAM) upgrades - a cost-effective solution to keep your computer running optimally
  • Video graphics card upgrades - one of the best ways to enhance your computer for better video and gaming
  • Other computer hardware upgrades - save money by upgrading your computer with a new processor, better monitor, wireless mouse, or even a DVD/Blue-ray player